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Subject: some serious charges


Dear Sir,
I am writing to inform you that I intend to proceed towards publication of
the matters I raised with you and your wife on a number of occasions last
year. Some of what I will be raising refers to a series of interviews you
posted on YouTube. I notice that you have removed those interviews. I can only
assume that you have done this because you feared embarrassment that your false statements might be exposed. I understand that copies of those
interviews will be shortly made available again on the internet. So the
things you said there remain on the public record.

I believe it is important for you to have the opportunity to explain or,
deny the accusations which I will be making. You must understand that if you
do not deny or at least provide an explanation for the palpable falsehoods
you have made about yourself then I am at liberty to assume that what I am
saying about you is unchallenged and thus true.

1. Do you still hold to the claim that the “Premier” of your home state in
India approached you personally to take over the failing state transport
organization because it had been losing money for many years? You say the
Premier said: “You are the man who can turn this around”.  According to my
notes you told me that you “turned the organization around and made it the
most successful Transport manager in the history of the State”. Do you
continue to say this is true?

2. Were you awarded an Independence Day Award? What year was that?

3. You told me that you were one of about 10 people in India who were so
important to the future of the country that, the Premier of the state
refused to allow you to migrate to Australia. You further confirmed with me
that you sort the personal intervention of the Indian Prime Minister, Mrs
Indira Gandhi.  When I pointed out that Mrs Gandhi was assassinated prior to
this time, you were unable to account for this. Do you still say this story
is true?

4. You told me that on your arrival in Australia, you became the first
person in Australia to be invited by the Institute of Engineers to be given
a “Corporate membership”. According to the Institute there is no such
category of membership for individuals and your name does not appear on
their books.

5. You told me that you were “ordained” by the Anglican Bishop of Sydney.
Do you still say this?

6. I notice that you have changed the banking arrangements. There is an
account other than your own which receives funds and donations. Do you
issue receipts? What financial oversight is there? How much was raised by
the recent fund-raiser for the orphanages in Bangalore? Which orphanages do
you provide funds to?

7. You told me several times that the properties you use for your activities
were provided free of charge. I have been in contact with all the owners and
this is not true. Do you maintain that you pay no rent​?

Clearly the matters raised create the impression that you are a person who
finds it easy and convenient to tell lies.  You have spent the last years
building a ministry which is based on subterfuge and misrepresentation.

The fact that you refuse to deny these charges lends weight to the belief that
you and your wife Louisa have duped many people and prey on them with a view
to garnering from them money.

I await your response to these serious charges.

Rev Dr David Millikan

[No Response from Mr Jayaraj]