About David

Dr. David Millikan
Documentary Filmmaker

Dr David Millikan holds a Ph.D. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, a Reverend, as well as being a filmmaker with many years of experience.

David has presented and written several programs for Four Corners, 60 Minutes, Witness and A Current Affair.

David is a regular guest on Australian Television as a Theologian and as a representative of the Christian churches and, also as an expert on new religious movements and cults. David has written extensively on issues arising from the presence of sects, new religious movements and cults in Australia.  In this same area of knowledge, he has acted as an expert witness in many legal cases in Australia, Singapore and United Kingdom. He is in regular contact and consults with Health Professionals, Counsellors, Clergy, the Australian Police and other law enforcement agencies who have reason to be concerned about the role of these organizations in Australian society. 

In 1983, David took over Endeavour Films, which had been involved in financing and producing films. David has produced numerous films such as: "Run for Their Lives", a documentary of the 1983 famine in eastern Uganda and its aftermath; "The Ways of Giving", the story of a unique aid project run by World Vision in a village in Sri Lanka (1984); "Reaching Across",  the story of the Karramajong people in Eastern Uganda and their struggle to survive in the years following Ida Amin and the famine of 1983; and the "Island of Light", the story of a unique Walbiri corroboree filmed in Central Australia which has celebrated the crucifixion of Christ for more than 40 years.

In 1986, David was appointed Head of Religious Broadcasting for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV network (ABC). During the 7 years as head, the department began broadcasting Compass and, he was responsible for conceiving and setting up ‘Blackout’, the first Aboriginal-staffed and presented series on Australian television.

David designed and teaches a course through Charles Sturt University on Cults, Sects and New Religious Movements. The course specializes on the rights of children, issues of law and, the moral and cultural implications of sects, cults and new religious movements in Australia. The course was written mainly to assist Police and law enforcement in their dealings with aberrant or rogue religious groups.

Currently David is working part time as the minister of Berry Uniting Church.  He is also engaged by Australia’s Channel 7 as an investigative journalist. 

Dr Millikan’s chilling interview with “Jesus”: