Vision of the seven windows

February 11, 2013 · by benpat
Vision of the 7 windows
After dying i was taken up to a place where it was all dark .I heard conversation and dialogue between what appeared to be the voice of God and someone else who was accusing me .

My accuser approached me and appeared to resemble Christ in bodily form .I was shocked but as this person approached me i soon began to feel a chill erie feeling through me ,and then he spoke vile profanity against God and against me .I fell backwards in fear and then felt an aura around me of the glory of God and His light surround me .There were immediately 2 angels beside me with long word embedded white ,silver and gold trimming garments with hebraic looking words on their garments .They had swords with wording on them and one presented a sword to me at the request of the captain of the host .Immediately as i held it , light began protruding out of me and i heard the word of God spoken through me and as it came out of my mouth it formed a beam of light that push back my accuser into the shadows .The angels stood at attention while allowing me to take authority over the enemy .One angel afterwards stepped forward to scrape a line on the ground in front of me to set a boundary that my accuser could not cross .There was light all around within that boundary and i could feel a strong presence of God around me .I turned to take a peak at where the voice of the captain of the host was coming from .As i turned to look , i felt a strong presence and could not stand up but fell to the ground in worship at His feet . From His feet i looked up and saw his garment and his hands and his countenance .There was light coming forth from Him and words on His Garment that i could not understand at that time .Then He motioned to me to stand up and at His request to follow Him as He wanted to show me something .Immediately i was able to stand and i followed Jesus as He took me through a corridor in Heaven where i observed seven windows each overlooking a dimension .This is the account of what i saw ;

1st window ;
i looked through the first window and i saw my past present and future connecting through events happening and revolving in cycles .At the centre of the cycles i noticed that time was no longer relative the past , present and future were all in the same place .I noticed that the Lord saw everything this way .Time in heaven operates in cycles we see time through linear line .My future past and present were in the Lord’s hand and at His mercy . The Lord does not condemn me but affirms me into living right before Him.

2nd window
A narrow road on each side was jagged rocks built up like a tall fort tower on each side .There was a triangular flag on each fort representing iniquity .There were shadowy spirits waiting to ambush those who walk the road and who were unaware .The road itself was long and bumpy .I asked how could anyone expect to pass these challenging road .He said through my blood and my Word .He explained that through as believers we are freed from the power of iniquity , if we are not aware of what we are saved from and purposed for ,we are bound to enter again and regress into making the same mistakes our forefathers made .Our forefathers made many decisions that effect the destiny of our lives , but God’s grace is able to carry us through each circumstance as a overcomer when we walk with Him and make his instruction and direction the centre of our lives and only through the sacrificial blood sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ . We have learnt to receive His salvation and know Him as Saviour but still struggle to accept Him as Lord .So we fail when it comes in preparation for His coming again as King .Just reading His instructions is not enough its walking in reverend fear and honor and respect that He is not just Saviour but also Lord and King over our lives.When we learn to place His counsel before our choice then we will be safe.We are now awaiting the most important event this world will ever have His second coming .We are being prepared for the eternal kingdom to rule and reign with Him . He will appear again to those to are eagerly waiting on Him .

3rd Window
I saw the city of heaven high on a mountain prevailing walls , and 3 huge gates on each side .The roads that entered and left the city were filled with children and angels who supervised the children . almost as if the children wet on a field trips .They were schooled in sevens and moved as a family .
i asked many of the children were there in heaven as a result of war, abuse, abortions , murder, accidents .They were all given life in heaven to live and grow . While justice awaits for each of them .

4th window
there are several realms in the skies where angels were set to watch over .Periodically the prince of the air lucifer formulates schools of demonic attacks in the forms of dark clouds that prohibit prayers of people from reaching the throne room . he operates in territories that were given access by humans through witchcraft agreement .An exchange for insight and wisdom from people who wanted it and who did not want to receive the sovereignty of God’s government rule . It appeared as is Lucifer was well equipped with knowledge of the atmosphere and realms that he could maneuver through them and operate through dark knowledge. I saw them the prayers of people who penetrate the realms coming up as light . Some faded and other passed though the dark clouds filled with demons causing them to scream and fly out of formation because of the light the prayers carried.I saw people crying out to God and those that were in agreement prayer and the prayers transformed to light and shot upwards toward God.I began to notice and hear the prayers that were effective were prayers of faith in God’s eternal promised word . It was the Word of God that turned the request into light and carried them safely toward God .Then there wet prayers that were just requests for things that appeared to be very dim .

5th Window
I saw the city of Jerusalem in Israel .I saw a multitude of what appeared to be beings dressed in white some standing at attention others on horses in the sky surrounding the city ,waiting at attention as though to descend upon the city in its defense . I saw armored personal carriers coming from the north east from where i was facing they were prohibited from crossing the borders from outside the city massive armies gathered to take captive the city , but the border was filled by huge gulfs of water .I saw them going into the water and coming out again. I asked what is happening , then the reply was that the fulfillment of a promise to Abraham was at hand .I saw many things that were about to happen to the city and then effecting the world.

6th window
I saw the nations of the world that were on the southern hemisphere rivers began to lit with a glow of fire .I asked what is this about and the reply was a supernatural move of the Holy Spirit of God to bring the gospel to and across the northern hemisphere nations .I saw the silhouette of a fury dove sweeping over from the southern hemisphere moving across to europe ,Africa, russia and the americas . The firy baptism is predestined for us stir us forward in faith wherelse where the world and unbelieving are concerned it is reflective on fear, judgement and the end .

7th Window
I saw that i was brought to a table where ether was unleavened bread and wine . Then He explained to me that the symbols of the communion was representing the gospel message of Love and forgiveness ,and that He gave the disciples something to remind themselves that in close fellowship we share a greater bond and responsibility for each other because of what He has done for us . Each time we break the bread and share it is being broken for each other and still love , each time we drink the cup to be willing to forgive just as He forgave and was poured out for us .
I’m only sharing with you here, a summary of the conversations that I will be elaboration further during my future blogs .