Brother Benjamin Patrick

pastor In 1998, Benjamin Patrick contracted tetanus, but died before he could be treated, and was clinically dead for 36 hours.

Benjamin Patrick, is a Malaysian Christian and part-time itinerant minister and speaker. He is presently in Sydney to speak at a number of churches, fellowships, and business breakfasts.

Benjamin came back to life in the hospital morgue in Malaysia and proceeded to sit up, stand up and walks around. His return to life happened in the wee small hours of the morning, an experience that was as disconcerting for him, as it was for the duty nurse, who came into the morgue to see what the shouting was about. She naturally became highly emotional at seeing an occupant of the morgue walking around shouting for someone to help him. In fact, he was detained in the morgue for some time until a team of medical professionals came in and were able to assess him.

What makes Benjamin’s experience both credible and incredible is that when he died, he went to Heaven and met Jesus. He also encountered the devil masquerading as Christ. Jesus showed him hell and taught him many things that he has brought back to this life in order to encourage, equip and train God’s people on earth. Benjamin is currently working for an engineering company in Malaysia with whom he has a flexible working arrangement. He explains: “But my real work is to believe in the one He has sent (John 6:28,29!

“We have a ministry office in Kalang, Malaysia, where we are actively involved in training, equipping and teaching leaders, pastors and lay people to be effective in their ministry and in the word. We are also running an off-campus Bible university in Malaysia. We also provide support in prayer counselling to local pastors and church leaders, as well as the provision of training seminars and workshops in the local churches in Malaysia and the geographical region.” Benjamin believes that his destiny is to work full- time for the Lord reaching as many who believe and those who do not believe in Jesus Christ. His message is simple and dramatic following his Heavenly experience: that Jesus Christ is alive and is coming again soon.

He says, “I also want to tell those who believe that there’s work to be done! God is establishing order in his house and preparing the church to work as a family, a body, and being built as a building by the Lord, to be the light and salt of the earth.’

You can make an appointment to meet Brother Benjamin in Sydney on 0402544604 or contact his friend Pastor Stephen Jayaraj