pastorPastor J Stephen’s Healing Ministry - EXPOSED! Divine Ministries Inc? Founder Stephen JAYARAJ [surname] aka Pastor Stephen, Pastor Jayaraj Stephen is a South Indian Tamil preaching in Sydney, Australia.

Is Mr Jayaraj telling the Truth? A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing? Matthew 7:15-20, Jude 1:4, Romans 16:17-18, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, Mark 24:24-25, Matthew 24:4-5, 2 Tim 4:3-4, 1 John 4:1. Jayaraj Stephen Pastor Stephen Healing Ministry NSW has been placed on the Dishonour List by Straight Talk Ministries, Australia.

Mr Jayaraj: Since your interview by Rev Dr David Millikan, a PhD biblical theologian, a TV investigative journalist and, renowned religious cult expert was conducted and recorded at the Jayaraj residence in the presence of your wife Louisa, you have removed your ‘testimony’ videos part 1-7 that you had published on you-tube. Why? Do you not speak the truth in your testimonies? Is your testimony not based on correct facts and accurate statements?

You have not shared the interview transcript with members of your congregation? Why not? Are your parishioners aware that Dr David Millikan’s interview with you was conducted only after Dr Millikan attended several of your services and, after a 20-month investigation? Do they know the truth about you?

Your website: www.pastorJstephenhealingministry.com is withdrawn from public view. Why? Are you trying to distance yourself from my findings? Did you not consider that your videos could be in the possession of some disgruntle members?

Mr Jayaraj: “Pastor J Stephen’s healing ministry” is “Divine Ministries Inc” now? Why? The Officer on record for Divine Ministries Inc is a Mr Shanker Ramakrishnan. There is No record of you. Why? Is it not true that Mr Shanker is a member of your congregation? Are you attempting to “Fly under the Radar”, as stated to me previously? Why?

Mr Jayaraj: Did you notify the Australian Tax Office that ‘Pastor J Stephen healing ministry’ is not a registered business and is not a registered non-profit charitable organisation and, that returns of this income was not filed for several years? Under your healing ministry, did you declare to the tax office and file returns of the income received in the last 20 years? Why not?

It is not possible to open a bank account in Australia in the name of the ministry, if the ministry is not registered. Where then did you deposit all the monies received from parishioners and from members of the public? Did you deposit their money into your personal bank account? Why? Is the Tax Office aware of this? Why not?

Mr Jayaraj you need to answer these questions:

  1. You stated that, in the years before you arrived in Australia you were the Director of the State Bus Transport Authority at one of the most important districts in the State of Karnataka. You state that you reported directly to the Minister of Transport and you had 10,000 employees reporting to you. You said that you held that position until you left India to take up residence in Australia. Is this true? What position did you hold? When were you appointed to that position? What was the Minister’s name that you reported to?
  2. You claim to have received the Independence Day Award Medal of India. When did this occur?
  3. You claim that you graduated in Engineering with First Class Honours. Can you provide the supporting “First Class Honours” documentation?
  4. You claim to have passed the Indian Public Service exam with Honours and indeed you claim that you were the First in the State. Is this true? Which year did you sit for that exam?
  5. You say you received the support of the Prime Minister of India, Mrs Indira Gandhi prior to her 1984 assassination in order to allow you to immigrate to Australia. The necessary certificate indicating that there were no objections to your move to Australia is valid for 6 months from its date of issue. How then can you say that Mrs Gandhi's intervention occurred 5 years before you left for Australia in 1989?
  6. You claim that you were awarded permanent residency in Australia directly by the Australian High Commissioner, before arriving in Australia. Who was the Commissioner? When did this occur and where did you meet him?
  7. You stated that you remain the only person to be given “corporate member recognition” by the Australian Institute of Engineers. The Institute has no record of this “corporate” recognition.
  8. How much money have you raised specifically for the orphanages in Bangalore, India?
  9. Which orphanages are you donating money to? What are the contact details of the orphanages? What amount is being transferred each month? You say you have about 130 families attending your weekly “healing” services. Based on such attendance figures, it is estimated that your weekly income would appear to be substantial. Are you sending the complete amount to the orphanages in India? Why not? Do you notify your congregation on the exact amount of money you actually remit to these Indian orphanages? Members believe that all the monies you receive from them are being remitted to the orphanages in India. Is this true? Are you sending all their money to the orphanages? Do you have receipts for the money sent?
  10. How much money did you raise in your most recent “fundraiser”? Did you send all the money you raised from the event to the orphanages? Did you inform your congregation of the exact amount of money raised from these “fundraisers”? How much of this money have you sent to the orphanages in the last year?
  11. You say that, preaching is your Full time job and that you have no other source of income. If this is true, who is paying for your travel expenses to India, Canada, Dubai and other parts of the world? Is it true that one of your daughter’s studies in Canada? Is it possible that you are spending the congregation’s money on your lavish lifestyle?
  12. The extensions to your house.... how much did that cost? How much did your parishioners contribute to the cost of the extension?
  13. You are driving a new car. Have you used the money given to you by your parishioners to facilitate this purchase? How do you include your parishioners in these financial decisions and expenditures?
  14. You claim that following a profound religious experience your senior pastor ‘appointed’ you ‘assistant pastor’ and gave you the responsibility for 35 families, even though you had no training and no real knowledge of the Bible. What is the name of this senior pastor? What is the name of the Church? Are you aware that such a claim is against the Law of the Anglican Church in Sydney?
  15. What is the name of the pastor who you say, anointed you a ‘pastor’? Is it true that you have unilaterally declared and bestowed the title of ‘pastor’ upon yourself?
  16. In your recording, you claim that, on arriving in Australia, you were refused Holy Communion at several churches and that the pastors “slammed the door” on your face. What are the names of these churches?
  17. You say that you attended Moore Theological College in Sydney for 4 years, except for a period of 6 months when the train you took, mysteriously deposited you at the wrong railway station. You say that each day, you were threatened by Gangs intent on robbing you. You say, this happened every day for one semester.... is this true? Could such things happen in Australia? Did you report these incidents to the Police? Why not?
  18. There are people in your congregation who have direct debit accounts at their banks directing money to your Personal Accounts with the understanding that it is the ‘healing ministry’. How many people are doing this? How much money is given to you in this way, each month? Is the Tax Office aware of these direct deposits? Have you been declaring this weekly income to the Tax authorities? Why not?
  19. Your Healing Ministry is not registered with ASIC as a business or a non-profit charity organisation. Why not? For how many years have you been operating your healing business with no valid registration? You claim to be the founder of Ps Stephen’s healing ministry, which you say is an international ministry. Have you notified the Australian authorities of the overseas income you receive?
  20. Why do you claim that the facilities at St Thomas's Auburn, Blacktown, Wollongong and Avalon are provided to you free of charge? How much rent do you pay for each venue? Is it true that you were receiving discounted rent rates even though you were not registered as a non-profit organisation? Only charitable non-profit organizations are entitled to such rates? Were you deceiving those providing you with their premises of their proper income? What do you call such conduct? Are the Councillors of Pittwater and Avalon area aware of this?
  21. People say that you do not issue receipts for their donations to you and your churches. Is this true? Why not? You do not accept cheques. Why not?
  22. Do you issue Financial Reports to your parishioners? Why not?
  23. Do you offer your parishioners and others interested, the opportunity to scrutinize the accounts of the money given by your parishioners?
  24. Did you advise and instruct an Indian Goan woman, a badminton enthusiast and a member of Bandra Gymkhana, to leave her husband and marriage of 25 years because the husband rejected your religious beliefs and, refused to meet or attend your services? Is it true that the woman left her family home in Sydney to stay with you in Macquarie fields, Sydney? Why? Is it true that you were visiting this woman at her residence while her husband was away? You never visited the woman when her husband was at home. Why not? Did you give her and their children a chilled liquid to drink 3 times a day? Do you divide and destroy families – Parents from children, husbands from wives? Is it true that the woman gave you money on a weekly basis in return for your so-called ‘healing services’? How much did she give you? Did you give her receipts for that money? Why not? The husband was handed your promotional brochures. Why? The woman’s four sisters have not been approached to join your ministry. Why not? What are you afraid of Mr Jayaraj? Is it true that the woman has abandoned her Catholic faith? Is it true that she has been baptized again? Why? Do you not believe in the One Church, One Baptism? St Matt 16:18, Eph 5:23, St Matt 19:14, St John 3:5, Col 2:11-12, St Matt 28:19.

    Is this the path you take to preach Christian life? St John 10:16, Ephesians 4:5, 1 Corinthians 7:10, 1 Corinthians 7:39, Genesis 2:18-24, Romans 7:1-3.
  25. Is it true that you encourage members to consume your concoction of a red-coloured liquid 3 times a day? Do you consider this liquid to be the blood of Christ? Do you tell your followers that it will cure their ailments, such as cancer and thyroid problems?
  26. Did you tell a woman who had ceased giving money that, “If you do not continue giving me money, God will not continue your ‘healing’ process?
  27. You advertise your services as “Healing Services”. You say that you never claim a miracle of healing unless it is verified by a medical doctor. Will you provide the name and contact details of the people who have experienced and been verified as having been healed? What is the name of the registered medical doctor who supports your claims of healing people?
  28. You say that a Malaysian man who died from tetanus and certified ‘deceased’ came back to life 36 hours later while the man’s body lay in a morgue. Are you able to name the hospital and morgue and, provide details of the medical doctors who pronounced the man ‘dead’? Is it true that the man you are referring to is a friend of yours and is a touring preacher named Benjamin Patrick?
  29. Mr Benjamin Patrick has recently removed his personal testimony on you-tube from public view. Why? Benjamin’s radio interview with a local Queensland religious radio station has also been deleted. Why? What is Benjamin afraid of? Is Benjamin also not telling the truth? Are Malaysian authorities aware of Benjamin’s extraordinary ‘rise from the dead’ claim?
  30. You say that, a Doctor who lost the sense of taste was cured after he attended your ‘healing’ services. Is this true? In which year did this cure occur? You say that, thereafter, the doctor has been providing you with his premises to use free of charge to conduct your business. Is this true? Are you referring to Dr M N Daya, currently a practicing medical practitioner in Wollongong? Is Dr Daya willing to verify and certify your healing claim to me?
  31. You told me that there are people in Australia who are practicing Witchcraft against you. Who are these people? Can you provide their contact details? What evidence of Witchcraft do you have? Will you provide the evidence with details?
  32. You say you regularly perform Exorcisms. When and where did you receive your training in Exorcism? What is the name of the Institution?

Mr Stephen Jayaraj: We await your response.